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Diet Detox:  5 Ways To Increase Your Intuition, Listen To Your Body and Break Free of Diet Prison For Good!

Tuesday, October 19th @ 7PM MST
Live on Zoom

If you are finally ready to....

Break out of diet prison and rewrite the rules to fit YOUR lifestyle

Finally trust your body to tell you when you are hungry, full or craving 'unhealthy' foods

Enjoy going out to eat without becoming anxious about what you can or can't order

Then you won't want to miss out on this impactful workshop!

How often have you told yourself that this time, you were going to stick to your diet no matter what? If you're like me, probably dozens. And that may have worked for awhile until you realized how utterly rundown you felt and that there was no way that sticking to your the diet was going to last. So now what?

If you're ready to FINALLY stop obsessing about your diet, your weight and your body, maybe it's time for a complete diet detox.  And it all starts by connecting back to our body and it's innate wisdom.

What if you knew the exact 5 steps you could start using today to tap back into your intuition, feel amazing in your body and begin to make choices about every aspect of your life? How amazing would that feel?

Sign me up!

Hi I'm Joie Monaco, Body Image and Intuitive Health Coach. The Diet Detox is part of my signature coaching program that helps women stop harmful dieting so they can start healing their relationship with food and their bodies. 



Still having energy at the end of the day because you fueled you body with everything it needs


Realizing how much more there is to life when you make fun and creativity a priority, not diets, macros and workouts


Recognizing how many times in your life you let your intuition guide you and it turned out in amazingly positive ways

Understanding when your body's warning signals are on and listening to it instead of ignoring the message and becoming stressed, burnt out and compromising your health.

Feeling confident in your decisions knowing your body holds all the wisdom it needs. 

If this sounds too good to be true, then make sure to reserve your spot at the Diet Detox workshop and discover how to break out of diet prison for good!

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